7th Answer Set Programming Competition 2017
                            (ASPCOMP 2017)

              Call for Participant Systems

University of Potsdam and University of Calabria and University of Genoa

== Important Dates ==

  * February 21st, 2017: Expression of interest and preliminary registration (EXTENDED)

  * March 1st, 2017: Full team registration

  * April 3rd, 2017: The competition starts

  * July 3-7th, 2017: Awards are presented at LPNMR 2017


Answer Set Programming is a well-established paradigm of declarative
programming with close relationships to other declarative modeling
paradigms and languages, such as SAT Modulo Theories, Constraint
Programming, FO(.), PDDL, CASC, and many others.

The ASP Competition is a biannual event for evaluating declarative
knowledge representation systems on hard and demanding AI problems.
The 7th ASP Competition will be run in 2017. The event is affiliated
with the 14th International Conference on Logic Programming and
Non-Monotonic Reasoning (LPNMR 2017), where the results will be
announced. The event is the sequel to the ASP Competition editions held
in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

The 7th ASP Competition is now in the Call for Participant Systems

== Call for Participant Systems ==

Participants of the Answer Set Programming Competition will compete on
a selected collection of benchmarks, taken from a variety of problem
domains as well as real-world applications. These include, but are not
limited to:

 * Classic and Application-oriented Graph Problems
 * Scheduling, Timetabling, and other Resource Allocation Problems
 * Sequential and Temporal Planning
 * Combinatorial Optimization Problems
 * Deductive Database Tasks on Large Data-sets
 * Puzzles and Combinatorics
 * Ontology Reasoning
 * Automated Theorem Proving and Model Checking
 * Constraint Satisfaction Problems
 * Other AI Problems

The ASP System Competition compares dedicated solvers
on benchmarks formulated in the ASP-Core-2 language.
It will also include sub-tracks based on language
features, aiming to indicate what (combinations of) techniques work for
particular problem characteristics, and also widening the participation
to systems that may not (yet) support the full ASP-Core-2 language.

We welcome the submission of parallel and portfolio systems exploiting
multiple cores or multiple solving algorithms.

== TPLP Special Issue ==

All participants will be invited to submit a paper to the new LPNMR
workshop on "Practical Aspects of Answer Set Programming (PAoASP)".

The best submissions will be invited to a TPLP special issue of
PAoASP that we are setting up.

== Further Information ==

For further information and submission instructions, please contact us
(Martin Gebser, Marco Maratea, and Francesco Ricca) by email to:

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