The benchmark domains of the 7th ASPCOMP are those of the 6th event, plus some new additional domains.


The new domains employed in the competition are summarized in Section 2 of the LPNMR report .


Domain Authors Problem Track Download Checher
 Bayesian Network Learning   Optimization 3 get get
Crew Allocation   Decision 2 get get
Markov Network Learning   Optimization 3 get get
Supertree Construction   Optimization 3 get get
Traveling Salesperson   Optimization 3 get get


Description of the domain are available at


Differently from the first 5 events, but similarly from the last, the selection of the evaluated instances has not been completely random, but a selection process has been applied to the instances available in order to classify the instances w.r.t. the expected hardness.

Interestingly, the selection is then implemented in ASP! Please find here the files used for the selection, which are updated version of those provided in the 6th event.